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04 Sep 2020

Newsletter September | Bow and Arrow

What's our secret?

It is so good when you buy a piece of design that you can use for 10, 20, 30 years, right? That is precisely what Bow and Arrow stand for: Long lasts beautiful design pieces that can go alongside you as time goes by.

But what is our secret? What can we do to make our products last so long and continuing fitting in any design style? Let’s find out our secret!


One of the most important themes in the upholstery business is choosing the right raw materials. We always use hardwood in our wooden frames. The combination of treated Pine wood mixed with Ashwood is, in our opinion, the best solution to create a very reliable body and ensure that will just not break.

For curvy and thinner bodies, we usually go with polyurethane frames. For that, we shape the mold in a fiberglass structure and inject polyurethane inside. That allows us to have a very secure hard plastic frame with the possibility to get into curves that would be impossible to reproduce in wood.


Another major subject in upholstery art is foam options. There are hundreds of foams types: from regular to high density and fire retardants. In Bow & Arrow pieces, you will always find the best foams available in the market. All of our products use what the technical professionals call CMHR foams (Combustion Modified High Resilience). These foams are usually used when the strictest fire code standards are required, such as in hotel lobbies, hospitals, schools, mass transit (airplanes, buses), etc.

Also, we take a good look when we chose the density and the compression factor. We are always committed to producing the most comfortable products to satisfy the most demanding interior designers and architects.


We believe that no one knows better about their projects than our clients, so always give them the possibility to use their material. However, we also have our line of fabrics, velvets, and leathers. All of them were chosen considering the most demanding requirements for intense usage. Some have the Easy-clean technology, but all of them passed the fireproof norms BS 5852 and EN 1021-1. Ask us for our fabric collection HERE. Besides our range of fabrics, we also work with several other fabric companies, so if you want something that is not in our fabric catalogs, we can also search and find the exact fabric that you need.


All of our new designs are carefully think to match - if not all - most of the design options and never go out of style. Our design team focuses their efforts to respect the core of what Bow and Arrow stand for: clean lines, minimalist design, and naturalism. The result we always target is beautiful pieces that fit in several styles, from classic to bohemian or Scandinavian.


Despite most design brands that subcontract the production, we are very proud to produce every single piece that leaves our warehouse - and one of the things we most value is to fulfill all of our client’s needs. So for that, we open the possibility to bespoke each product (if indeed possible). So all of the dimensions, the number of elements, woods, feet colors, swivel mechanisms, and metallic frames can be modified according to your needs. For special pricing, please send us an email with the product reference, what you want to be changed, and we will assist you with a fast quote.

Bow & Arrow is not only about design.
We believe and deliver beautiful, high-quality upholstery design products that will last for several years.

If you wish to receive our catalog by regular mail, free of charge, please send us your contacts and complete address. You can request the free catalog just by sending us an email with the subject: "Request printed catalog" to You can also download the digital catalog HERE.

Newsletter September | Bow and Arrow

It is so good when you buy a piece of design that you can use for 10, 20, 30 years, right? That is precisely what Bow and Arrow stand for: Long lasts beautiful design pieces that can go alongside you as time goes by. But what is our secret? What can we do to make our products last [...]

Newsletter summer edition

It's summertime! If you wish to stay at home this year and just chill, what about a brand new sofa and/or armchair? The newest Comfort collection is the perfect combination between beauty and next-level comfort. Order now with lots of fabric or leather options and wood/metal finishes.

Newsletter Dec/Jan | Bow and Arrow

To start 2020 big, we have a series of news ready for this beginning of the year. We launched a new Bow and Arrow product line, printed a brand new catalog and updated our price list! The new Comfort collection comes to the rescue of [...]


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