The history of the brand and the company itself is quite simple.


It is especially about the dedication and passion that the founder has dedicated to the art of upholstery and target shooting through his life. Two arts he began early and which were decisive throughout his life. Through this fusion of two passions, grew a leading international brand in the furniture industry. A history that goes back to 1993 with the foundation of the company which operates in the manufacture of upholstery, followed by the creation of an international brand Bow & Arrow in 2013. This company is an example of how a small artisanal Portuguese company, based in Oporto, has evolved since it was founded until now.

Following a completely new approach, which saw an evolution of craft production to mass production, Bow & Arrow began working side by side, in close collaboration with some of the most talented Portuguese designers to produce upholstery and luxuous sofas. It combines craft and sewing techniques and industrial design processing to create unique products but above all encouraging designers to envision fresh designs and translate their inspiration into reality. This cross-culture of absolute quality defines the uniqueness of each piece Bow & Arrow.


Contribute to a sense of team spirit and knowledge sharing. It's the perfect place to improve knowledge and develop new skills. Our clear goal is to ensure everyone a balanced work, facing success both in private life and professional.


Follow and maintain high ethical standards, express ideas openly and honestly. It focuses on the environment and safety to ensure sustainable growth. We only produce pieces that last.


Strives to keep the promises and commitments and encourage people to take responsibility for achieving pre-set targets.


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